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    • Introduction

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    • Loving Love Right Intro Video

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    Original Love

    • Original Love

    • Self Inventory

  • 3

    Bipolar Love

    • Manic Love

    • Depressive Love

    • Symptoms Manic Love

    • Symptoms of Depressive Love

    • Journal entry

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    Schizophrenic Love

    • Schizophrenic Love

    • Symptoms of Schizophrenic Love

    • Schizophrenic Love Journal Entry

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    Anxious Love

    • Anxious Love

    • Anxious Love Journal Entry

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    The 3 YOUs

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    Cognitive Distortions

    • Cognitive Distortions

    • Cognitive Distortions Handout

    • Cognitive Distortions Journal Entry

  • 8

    Shame Decoded

    • Shame Decoded

    • Shame to Worth

  • 9

    Communication Styles: Assertiveness

    • Assertiveness

    • 5 Communication Style

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    • Affirmations

    • Google Search

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    Healthy Boundaries

    • Healthy Boundaries

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  • 12

    Reckless Love

    • Reckless Love

    • A Love Letter to Self

  • 13

    Coaching Life with Sandra

    • Sandra Garçon Coaching Life v2

    • Healing Conversations Poster

    • Sandra Garcon Degerville





Hi, my name is Sandra Garcon Degerville. I am so excited about your healing journey! I have a bachelor’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University and a master’s degree in social work from Boston College. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctorate in Education and Community Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy at Liberty University. I have been a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Massachusetts with over 11 years of experience in providing individual, family, couple/marriage, and group therapy. In 2014, I founded The Wholeness Center, LLC (TWC) which provided counseling services with a specialization in Christian counseling. In February 2020, from the great foundation laid by TWC, I pivoted and founded The Healing Institute, LLC (THi). In addition to providing counseling services, THi will offer training & workshops for individuals, social service professionals, churches, create partnerships with churches to ensure education and access to needed counseling services and other virtual content, and now has become an online school for personal, professional and spiritual development. In October 2020, I founded the Sandra Garcon Degerville Ministry, a social media platform designed to create emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through integrating faith into psychotherapy for practical living. Additionally, I have 15 years of experience providing various social services and founded two nonprofit organizations, Sons and Daughters of Destiny Inc. and A Beautiful Me, Inc., both designed to help build, educate, and empower teens and young adults. ​ I am a motivational teacher who is passionate about integrating faith and psychology into practical living. I am a wife, mom, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and overall creative soul. I pray to be remembered for my passion for Christ and my commitment to uplifting others. When I stand before Him, may He say I did not waste the gifts, talents & graces He so generously poured into my life!

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  • Can I get a refund?

    Due to the nature of content and value provided, once you have access to the recordings we are not able to take back the value consequently we are not able to offer a refund.

  • What qualifies you to teach this course?

    I have over 25 years of experience as a social worker, mental health counselor, coach, business, community, and faith leadership. I have counseled hundreds of individuals, couples, and families. I have a bachelor's, Master's degree in Social Work and will be completing a doctorate degree this 2022. All of this is in addition to my personal experiences of healing from family, friendship, and romantic unhealthy relationships.

  • What other services do you offer?

    In 2020, I launched a ministry designed to integrate faith and psychotherapy for practical living skills. Under this ministry you will find my exclusive coaching program: Coaching Life with Sandra that offers personal, executive and ministerial coaching services and our signature Trademark service- Healing Conversations. This service allows us to process your story or current challenges for now strategies. Finally, The Healing Institute. This is our online school for personal, professional, and spiritual development. We are excited to launch our first course: Loving Love Right!

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